Speak With Courage

a start up brand

Empowering Students Against Sexual Harassment


Speak with Courage is a branding project aimed at empowering college students to speak out against sexual harassment. It seeks to create an inclusive and supportive environment by providing education and encouragement on a sensitive topic. The project sets out to address the lack of approachable and comforting resources available to individuals facing sexual harassment.


The challenge for the Speak with Courage project was to develop a universal look and feel that would resonate with a wide range of people. Many existing sexual harassment organizations have intimidating and confusing websites, which can discourage individuals from seeking help or sharing their experiences. The goal was to create a brand style that would bring comfort, understanding, and inspiration to those affected by sexual harassment.


sans source pro
hey pretty girl

art direction

Bradford Prairie 
Min Choi
Sean Bacon


custom wordmark logo, stationary, bus billboard advertisement, tote bag, wristbands, and website.


branding // naming // logo design // corporate

Sketches & logo design

advertisement billboard

wristbands and tote bag


Speak with Courage successfully created a brand that reaches out to individuals who speak different languages and provides a universal look and tone. By offering trust, support, and comfort, the project aims to empower individuals to speak up about sexual harassment, even in the face of difficulty. The bilingual aspect of the project ensures that those who primarily speak Spanish can fully understand the issue and take appropriate actions to stop it. Ultimately, Speak with Courage strives to make a positive impact by providing help, encouragement, and support to those affected by sexual harassment.

mobile and desktop