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Celebrating Culture and Connections


Loteria goes beyond being a simple game. It's a way to bring the Hispanic/Latino community, families, and friends together in a familiar and comfortable setting. Inspired by the joy of sharing food and playing games with loved ones, Loteria aims to create a diverse and inclusive experience that resonates with people from all backgrounds.


The challenge was to design a game that authentically represented Mexican culture and provided an accurate representation of the Loteria experience. With a lack of Mexican restaurants that truly capture the essence of the culture, Loteria aimed to fill that gap by incorporating vintage aesthetics from the original card game while infusing a modern touch to attract a wider audience.


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Bradford Prairie 
Sean Bacon


custom logo, menu, specialty menu, store front, social media posts


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loteria Coasters


Loteria aimed to bring the Hispanic/Latino community together by providing a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. By incorporating Spanish sayings, vintage illustrations, and bilingual quotes on coasters, the game evoked nostalgia and memories while facilitating interaction and conversation. The menu featured a fusion of Mexican and American cuisine, ensuring everyone could find something to savor. Loteria succeeded in creating a space where people could gather, share delicious food and drinks, and bond over the joy of playing games.

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