Marin Humane

rebranding and web design

Connecting Hearts
and Paws


Marin Humane is on a mission to help people find their perfect furry companions. Inspired by the joy of seeing animals find their forever homes, this project aimed to create a warm welcoming online platform. As a graphic design student, my goal was to contribute to the cause of animal welfare through thoughtful design.


The challenge was to redefine the perception of pet adoption websites, which often lacked a personal touch and felt cold. Marin Humane wanted to create an inviting and emotionally resonant experience. To achieve this, I explored the world of animal welfare, understanding the challenges faced by the organization and potential adopters.


recoleta alt

art direction

Bradford Prairie


rebrand the logo design,
wireframes, web design


rebrand // web design// visual identity

logo designs: before and after



By combining soft colors, delightful illustrations, lowercase typography, and rounded shapes, the website design for Marin Humane exudes an approachable and caring vibe. Visitors are greeted with a space that fosters trust and compassion. The user-friendly interface encourages seamless exploration, ensuring that everyone feels supported in their search for a forever friend. Witnessing the transformation from a cold website to a heartwarming and trustworthy online platform was an incredibly fulfilling experience.